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Empowering your business through the power of mobile.
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Mobile Billing
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Mobile Communications and Technology
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AI Innovations
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Mobile Monetisation
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Mobile Payments (DCB)

WorldPlay offers a sophisticated Direct Carrier Billing platform with direct links to South Africa’s largest operators. Our strong relationship with all of the existing networks enables us to directly debit the consumers mobile account in exchange for goods or services purchased.

Bulk Messaging

Our bulk SMS portal offers high reliability and capacity and supports a two-way messaging ability that is easily integrated into an existing database providing for custom software.

Mobile Communications

Mobile technology has rapidly emerged as a potent and efficient medium for businesses to connect with potential customers on a global scale. Its power lies in its quick and cost-effective capabilities, allowing companies to precisely target and engage users across various mobile channels. Fine-tuning these strategies enables businesses to establish personalised and impactful interactions with their audience.

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