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Empowering your business through the power of mobile.

We strive to provide the best direct carrier billing and subscription management platform available while developing industry leading Mobile Monetisation for developing markets.

WorldPlay Mobile Solutions

A full solutions Mobile Aggregation Company

Direct Carrier Billing

WorldPlay Mobile Solutions offers a sophisticated Direct Carrier Billing platform with direct links to South Africa’s largest operators. Our strong relationship with all of the existing networks enables us to directly debit the consumers mobile account in exchange for goods or services purchased.

Bulk Messaging

Our bulk SMS portal offers high reliability and capacity and supports a two-way messaging ability that is easily integrated into an existing database providing for custom software.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile technology is a quick, efficient, powerful and cost effective medium for reaching potential customers on the global mobile network. Targeting can be fine tuned to suit your marketing requirements across all mobile channels.

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What we offer

  • Full Costing Transparency
  • Live in 72hrs *
  • Direct Connections to SA’s top Networks
  • 20 Years’ Experience
  • Competitive Rates
  • Subscription Management
  • Live reporting


  • WorldPlay has been a welcome relationship over the last couple of years, with their great attitude and service standards that far exceed the expectations of their customers. A special note would also go to their GM Jacqui Jones that really makes you feel special as a customer and encourages business opportunity discussions on a regular basis. If you are looking for a partner in South Africa I would open endorse WorldPlay, their technology and more importantly their service.

    Riccardo Vallaro
    Riccardo Vallaro Managing Director, W2Mobile
  • Worldplay has been our trusted partner since the day we opened our doors. We were told by many people to go use Worldplay due to the way they conduct business. Ethics, technical expertise and the speed at which tasks get done are simply way above industry standards. Furthermore after having worked with many WASPS , I can safely say that Worldplay have the best reporting and billing techniques in the country.

    Danny Aaron
    Danny Aaron Managing Director, 3Way Marketing
  • "Worldplay have been a valued supplier to Basebone for over 3 years. Their passion for providing solutions that allow you to make smarter choices ensures that the services you offer enable you to communicate and interact with your customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

    James McNab
    James McNab Managing Director , Africa Basebone
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