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Direct Carrier Billing
Direct carrier billing
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Direct Carrier Billing
Direct carrier billing
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What is Direct Carrier Billing?

Direct carrier billing allows users to make purchases or payments for digital content, services, or products directly through their mobile phone bill, making transactions more convenient and accessible. As an industry leader, we offer a secure and user-friendly platform for seamless mobile payments. We specialise in delivering the subsequent services:

  • Direct Carrier Billing
  • Premium USSD
  • Premium SMS

Furthermore, we cater for:

  • MSISDN detection
  • Ability to process large volumes
  • Recovery and Incremental Billing*
  • Subscription Management
  • Once-off and Subscription Billing
  • Fraud Prevention

We offer live reporting, full transparency, and reliable systems, which have the ability to process massive volumes daily.

Direct Carrier Billing is particularly suited for the following:

  • Digital Content/Services
  • Interactive Gaming
  • Dating Sites
  • Polls/Competitions
  • Micro Payments
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